Wageningen Centre for Development and Innovation and University of Eldoret

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Thomas Cheruiyot held a meeting with Mr. Jan Helder,  Senior Economist (Market Systems and Value Chain Development Expert) with Wageningen Centre for Development and Innovation (WCDI) from Wageningen University and Research (WUR).  Mr. Helder has a wealth of experience in research and has successfully implemented many collaborations around the world, including in Kenya at the University of Eldoret, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology (SAGR), the two action-oriented programs for Professionals (Rural Enterpreneurship-2023 and Inclusive Market Development - 2024).

During the meeting with Mr. Helder, the discussion included the establishment of a collaboration with the School of Business, Economics and Management Sciences (SBUS) to introduce an Agricultural Business Performance Model (Theory and Practice) and ‘Reflective Learning’ to boost learning among the Postgraduate Students in the University.  In conjunction with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), he will initiate programs for strengthening capacity and pursue proposals for Scholarship based short training for Professionals, among other projects. His experience and expertise will be beneficial to the University of Eldoret not only through the initiatives at the SAGR and the SBUS, but also through joint Research Proposals for external funding and capacity building and support during the development of an Innovation, Incubation and Commercialization Centre and the establishment of the Centre of Excellence at the University farm.

In attendance during the meeting were Dr. Nicholas Rop (Dean, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology) and Dr. Caroline Ayuma (Dean, School of Business, Economics and Management Sciences). 

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