The Presidents Award - Kenya University of Eldoret Unit Gold Residential Project and Adventurous Journey

As part of the Presidents Award requirement, the University of Eldoret Unit Gold participants took part in the Residential Project at Kaptere Primary School in Elgeyo Marakwet County, while the Silver and Bronze participants participated in the adventurous journey in Kerio Valley region for 5 days. 49 students from the Schools of Agriculture & Biotechnology, Business, Economics & Management Sciences, Education, Engineering and Science took part in the exercise which sponsored by the University of Eldoret Student Welfare and under their patron /  award leader Dr. Emily J. Chemoiwa and the Dean of Students Dr. Lelei K. Kiboiy.

During the five days of the residential project activity, the participants engaged in a
holistic approach to community service and personal development.

The President's Award Program objectives are to promote personal development, community engagement, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Aligned to this objective the University of Eldoret Unit Gold participants constructed a four doors toilet at Kaptere Primary School to improve sanitation facilities and promote a healthier learning environment for the students. The newly constructed facility symbolized more than just blocks and mortar; it represented hope, progress, and a brighter future for the students of Kaptere Primary School and the community at large. With improved sanitation facilities, the school could now provide a safer and healthier environment for its students, empowering them to pursue their education with renewed vigor and confidence.The PAK participants were  assessed on the tangible legacy of service and compassion, demonstrating the transformative power of youth-led initiatives.

As part of their community service the students dedicated half a day to mentorship at Changach Barak Secondary School, a neighboring institution. Recognizing the importance of nurturing future leaders, the participants shared their experiences, insights, and aspirations with the students, motivating them to pursue excellence and contribute positively to society. The mentorship session at Changach Barak Secondary School provided an invaluable opportunity for the participants to connect with their peers, exchange ideas, and inspire each other towards personal growth and academic success. Through interactive discussions, workshops, and team-building activities, they fostered a culture of mentorship and collaboration, laying the groundwork for enduring friendships and partnerships.

The Adventurous Journey Objectives

  1. Foster an understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultural heritage of the Kerio Valley region.
  2. Enhance teamwork and leadership skills among participants in an outdoor setting.
  3. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the geographical features and landscapes of the Kerio Valley region.
  4. Cultivate adventure-specific skills and resilience in the face of physical and mental challenges.

The Adventurous Journey Route

29th February, 2024Day 1 of the adventurous journey. 
The team traveled from Eldoret, Nyaru shopping center - Chororget - Kerio Valley - Changach Barak - Kaptere Primary School.
1st March, 2024Day 2 of the adventurous journey. 
Kaptere Primary School - Emsea shopping center - Changach Hilltop - Kaptere Primary School.
2nd March, 2024Day 3 of the adventurous journey
Kaptere Primary School - St. Agatha's Mokwo Girls Kaptere Junction - Kaptere Primary School.
3rd and 4th March, 2024Day 4 & 5 of the adventurous journey
Joined the RP group in construction
4th March, 2024The team traveled back to University of Eldoret from Kerio Valley

The Dean of Students congratulated the PAK participants for the voluntary work and mentioned to the community leaders of Kaptere that the University supports talents and students activities that make the student an all round citizen.

The presidents award is an important programme that enables the young people to be all round individuals equipped with skills to face the challenges. 

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