The North-Rift Herbalists Clinic and Cultural Centre Launch

The Directorate of Industrial Linkages, Partnerships and Collaborations (ILPC) core mandate is to promote linkages, partnerships and collaboration with Industry, Research Institutions, County Governments, Government Agencies, organized community groups and institutions of higher learning.  The main purpose of the Directorate is to advance mutual interests, shared goals, ideas and information, which aims at increased bilateral and multilateral agreements/memorandum of understandings (MoU) tailored towards achieving institutional and national goals like the Kenya Vision 2030.  Amongst the many MoUs signed is one with the North-Rift Herbalists.  It is as a result of this MoU that the University of Eldoret supported and participated in the launch of the North Rift Herbalisits Clinic and Cultural Centre.

The Herbalists Clinic Launch, held on 19th April, 2023, marked a significant milestone in our institution's commitment to holistic healthcare and cultural preservation. The event brought together herbalists community from the North Rift region and University of Eldoret researchers to celebrate the inauguration of the Herbalists Clinic and Cultural Center.

The launch commenced with tree planting then the formal inauguration ceremony, featuring speeches by the University Vice-Chancellor’s representative Prof. Wilson Ng’etich and Ms. Purity Koima, CECM Sports, Youth Affairs, Culture, Children and Social Services, Elgeyo Marakwet County.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony symbolized the official opening of the Herbalists Clinic and Cultural Center.  Attendees were treated to cultural performances showcasing traditional music and dance creating a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere, highlighting the rich cultural heritage surrounding herbal medicine. Guests had the opportunity to explore the newly established Herbalists Clinic and Cultural Center through guided tours led by the chair of the North Rift Herbalists Association, Mr. Rono. This provided insights into the clinic's envisioned services.

The event facilitated meaningful dialogue and collaboration, strengthening ties between the University of Eldoret and promoting community involvement in healthcare initiatives as well as raising awareness about the importance of herbal medicine and traditional healing practices in promoting health and well-being.

The establishment of the Herbalists Clinic and Cultural Center underscores our commitment to preserving and promoting cultural heritage. The center will serve as a platform for showcasing diverse herbal medicine traditions and indigenous knowledge systems, contributing to the preservation of cultural identity and heritage.  This initiative has laid ground for future collaborations, research and community outreach programs in the field of herbal medicine. Moving forward, we envision the Herbalists Clinic and Cultural Center as a dynamic hub for education, research, and community engagement, advancing the integration of traditional and modern healthcare practices.

University of Eldoret is dedicated to holistic healthcare, cultural preservation, and community engagement. 

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