De-Mystifying Social Science Workshop

In the field of research, social science, and natural science serve distinct purposes in understanding phenomena within our immediate environments. While natural science explores the physical universe through empirical observation and experimentation, social science tries to analyze the social systems surrounding human behavior, societies, and institutions. However, within their application, they both play crucial roles in enhancing a deeper understanding of phenomena of different aspects of reality.

In order to meet the diverse needs of social scientists within the university, the Directorate of Research and Innovation conducted a workshop on de-mystifying social science which was facilitated by Dr. Ellen Pfeiffer on 28th November 2023 at the School of Education Conference Room 1. 
The workshop which was more interactive brought together over 70 postgraduate students from diverse school who were trained in the following key areas:

  • How to construct a case study
  • How to analyze qualitative data (text-based data)
  • How to conduct a scientific observation
  • How to design an interview protocol
  • How to design and facilitate a Focus Group Discussion

Also present during the workshop was the Director of Research and Innovation Prof. Lizzy Mwamburi, Ag. Director Industrial Linkages, Partnerships and Collaborations Dr. Frank Masese, Dean School of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management Dr. Mark Kiptui, Dean School of Education Dr. Hosea Kiplagat, Head Dept of Business Management Dr. Zacharia Shitote, School Research and Extension Committee members from the School of Arts and Human Development and School of Business, Economics and Management Sciences Dr. Grace Mureithi and Dr. George Ariya respectively.

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