Office of the Principal Security Officer

The Security and Safety department is responsible for the effective operation and enforcement of the Security policy and procedures.  To enhance security, the University has installed several security features which include perimeter wall, modern gate, floodlights and surveillance cameras (CCTV) complimented by a strong security team that is professional and firm.

The mandate of the department is to protect assets (people, information, infrastructure and facilities) and service appropriately, proportionate to the threats and in a way that supports and does not inhibit delivery of University services.
The department has established mechanisms to ensure the response to incidences is well managed by being responsive, effective and efficient. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring continued service delivery by other departments and all stakeholders in the face of disruption caused by all types of hazards. The department is responsible to promote a safe, secure work and study environment.

The department emphasizes that all members of the University community report promptly to the Security and Safety department any activities that appear to be suspicious.

Mandate of Security and Safety Department

  1. Protect vital installation and properties of the University
  2. Protection of life (to ensure protection of students and staff is guaranteed)
  3. Managing all the entry points and exits within the University (Gate A, B & C) and conducting spot checks (vehicles & persons)
  4. Conducting patrol during day and night times
  5. Handling complaints for both students and staff
  6. Carrying out investigations on matters related to the institutions (staff & students)
  7. Monitoring activities happening within the University by use of CCTV cameras positioned in different locations (Main Gate, Administration Block, Lecture Halls and other facilities)
  8. Arresting offenders/criminals and taking them to court
  9. To be vigilant and support the fight against terrorism and other criminal activities
  10. Remind the university fraternity that security is the key to every peaceful institution that promotes stability and a good learning and work environment.

Self Service

Independently access, perform and obtain services from our enhanced automated systems