Office of the Dean of Students

The office is responsible for coordinating and administering welfare services of all students. We liaise with the various schools and other service departments in the University to help manage students’ activities within and outside the University.

To be outstanding in the provision of equitable premier welfare services to students.

To provide students welfare services necessary for the nurturing of innovative entrepreneurial academic & researchers with sound character.

Core Values
To realize our mandate as a welfare service provider, the Department upholds the following values.

  • Openness, transparency and tolerance,
  • Integrity and accountability,
  • Fairness and equitable opportunity to all students,
  • Selflessness, teamwork and community services,
  • Protection and respect for the dignity and rights of persons with special needs.

We also co-ordinate all co-curricular activities for students to nurture physiological, psychological, mental and spiritual health for the successful pursuance of our rigorous academic programmes.

These activities are funded from students’ activity funds and the students’ union contributions.  These activities complement those organized by the Students’ Council (SC), the executive arm of the students’ union.

Besides this, we play a guardianship role to students while on campus. We deal with students’ psychosocial needs and provide mentorship programs aimed at enriching students’ campus experience and shaping their character to be dependable Kenyan citizens. We give special attention, support and mentorship to young leaders through the Students’ Council, registered clubs/associations/societies and licensed programmes such as the President’s Award Scheme. We also play a pivotal role in the orientation and induction of new students to sensitize them on productive stay at the University.

We are aware that the successful completion of your academic programmes depends largely on a healthy mind and body, which is the result of our support programmes. As you open up new spheres and face new challenges in your life, bear in mind the lessons learnt by engaging actively in competitive games, sports and other co-curricular activities while in campus. These are crucial life lessons seldom learnt in the classroom setting. 

Dr. Lelei K. Kiboiy

Dr. Lelei K. Kiboiy, Ph.D.
Dean of Students
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Dean of Students
University of Eldoret,
P.O. Box 1125-30100,
Eldoret, Kenya.Email:

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