Karisa Konde Salim Valedictorian 2023

Karisa Konde Salim from the School of Engineering is the University of Eldoret 2023 Valedictorian.
Karisa joined University of Eldoret in 2018 to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Production Engineering. He graduated with a 1st Class Honours with a mean score of 75%. In his speech Karisa congratulated his fellow graduands saying, ‘we are here to celebrate knowledge, experiences and a shared journey together in a day that marks a paramount milestone in our lives, with doubtful moments and challenges but one of self-discovery.’

He shared that hard work, determination, thorough revision of course work, group discussions with fellow students and working closely with his lecturers led to his success in his academic journey. He mentioned that any academic journey must be travelled with diligence, humility and honesty. He expressed his deep gratitude to his parents and guardians for their support, care and mentorship and to the Professors, Engineers and Lecturers, who ignited the appetite for learning.

‘Do not forget the dreams that fueled your academic pursuits, make ground breaking discoveries, effect positive changes in our communities or simply find your passion,’ he advised his fellow graduands. He said the horizon before them is unchartered, filled with possibilities yet to be explored, having the power to make a difference in the world, a difference in solving the economic and global warming threats engulfing the continent. ‘Skills and knowledge are not just for personal gain but tools to contribute positively to society.’
Kasisa urged the class of 2023 life will present challenges but challenges are opportunities in disguise, embrace and let the fuel their growth for every one of them are capable of overcoming obstacles. ‘The world awaits our contributions and I have no doubt that the 2023 cohort will carry out great exploits with the spirit of curiosity, resilience and gratitude.’

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