Contribution of University of Eldoret Researchers to National Development

Universities play a key role in the development of human resources for all production sectors of the economy through training and conducting research and development for the generation, curation, and dissemination of new knowledge. University research programmes are critical in the development of theoretical foundations in basic sciences that underpin applied research. A great proportion of research funding initiatives focus more on applied research, seen to generate quick gains as opposed to basic research, whose benefits are not always apparent. The research portfolio at universities has been declining over the years due to low funding and greater focus on training.

The world over universities are responsible for research, knowledge generation, scholarship, and innovation that is necessary for driving local social, technological, and economic development. They are also relied upon to serve as conduits for the transfer, adaptation, and dissemination of knowledge that is generated worldwide. Kenyan universities are facing renewed external and internal pressure as the push for them to meet the changing needs of the country becomes more pronounced. The country is quickly moving towards a knowledge-based economy and there is an urgent need for new products and services. This raises the need for good coordination of university research to facilitate a process of national dialogue on what information exists in the country, its storage and utilization as well as setting the agenda for future research to address our national development goals and dilemmas. Given the high cost of research, questions are now being asked about the relevance and impact of university on national development especially in developing countries.

University of Eldoret Research Environment

The Planning, Research and Extension Division of the University of Eldoret was created among other things to coordinate and promote research activities at the university. The division in performing its functions spearheaded the drafting and approval of the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan to provide informed guidance to all University activities. In the plan, research is given prominence as strategic objective number 2 which strives to position the University as a research center. Research plays a very significant role and is part and parcel of the University’s core function which is academics. The research activities are cross-cutting but are coordinated within the division by the Directorate of Research and Innovation.

The University of Eldoret’s research environment encourages innovative, cross-disciplinary and collaborative research. Research is at the heart of our heritage, our present and our vision for the future. Our discoveries have shaped the world today and our research environment spreads far beyond our campus. We maximize our impact through external funding, licensing, supporting enterprise and partnering with other organizations, institutions bringing benefits to individuals, businesses and communities.

With a breadth of research activities (Postgraduate and academic staff) that’s unrivalled in Kenya, we work across disciplines and beyond the University, connecting the brightest minds to find innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. At the University we actively support our researchers and postgraduate students in the development of their careers. We offer our research staff a range of excellent training and development opportunities, delivered by dedicated researcher development teams based in each of our academic departments, as well as by the University’s professional and support services. World-class research lies at the heart of everything we do at the University. It informs our courses, unites our disciplines, brings innovation to industry and transforms lives across the globe. We take full advantage of our size and breadth, bringing the best minds together from diverse disciplines and cross-sector partnerships to forge new ways forward in multiple fields. UoE’s research beacons are exemplars of this collaborative ethos, finding innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the planet today.

The University of Eldoret faculty continues to attract research funds from different funding organizations to conduct need-driven research that aims and solve national and societal problems. Below is a highlight of some of the research activities at the University.

  1. Development of a National Biomonitoring protocol for Kenya Rivers (The KISS Project)
  2. Leishmaniasis in Mt. Elgon: Vector(s) species, Reservoir Host(s) species and Innovative Approaches to their Control
  3. DNA Barcoding and molecular characterization of small-sized clariid catfishes of the Lake Victoria basin, Kenya, for improved utilization
  4. Biological Control of Tuta absoluta on Tomato
  5. Working with smallholder farmers to rehabilitate degraded landscapes and improve ecological services in Chepareria Ward, West Pokot-Kenya
  6. Impacts of Prawn trawling on species of Hammerhead sharks, Sawfishes, Wedgefishes, and Guitarfishes in coastal Kenya
  7. UoE-EAML Barley crop research project
  8. Wheat and Dolichos Varieties Research at UOE
  9. University of Eldoret Develops Unga Nutritious Brand

You can also download all these highlights below.

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