Outreach and International Students’ Centre Team At Kass International

Outreach and International Students’ Centre (OISC) in collaboration with the Soil Science Department held a one-hour live Radio and one-hour live TV talk-shows at KASS media group. The topic covered was soil testing and fertilizer use in response to the various requests from North Rift on importance of soil testing. The discussants were Dr. Abigael N. Otinga, the Head of Soil Science Department assisted by Mr. Hillary Ketem from the Outreach and International Students’ Centre.

The Radio talk-show was held on Monday, 25th March 2024 between 1830 and 1930 hrs and was hosted by Ms. Winny Rutto (Koriryo). The TV talk-show was held on Tuesday, 26th March 2024 between 0800 to 0900 hrs, hosted by Mr. Dennis Kemboi.

Dr. Otinga explained the characteristics of different soil types, contents of soil, importance of soil, how to maintain soil health in the various agricultural activities. She emphasized the on the need to carry out soil testing in order to determine the type and quantity of fertilizer to apply for specific types of crops. She elaborated on the various types of soil sampling techniques that are recommended for varying topography and how to deliver samples to the laboratory for testing. She responded to the various concerns raised by listeners and viewers through messages send and calls.
Mr. Ketem took the audience through a brief history of the University and the role of Outreach Centre. He informed them of the annual Agribusiness Trade Fair to be held on 12th, 14th and 15th September 2024, requesting farmers to attend and learn various technologies from the exhibitors. He also invited students to apply to join the University through the KUCCPS portal that’s currently open. Lastly the presenters appreciated the University for its efforts to promote the community through various outreach programs and activities.

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