Consultancy, Research Proposals Calls And Conferences

Dear All

I wish to draw you attention to a collection of recent adverts in which has something relevant to your schools.

Lets enhance our University in Research Projects and Consultancies. I wish to request you to put an effort. My office and that of the Director Research and Innovation will support you where necessary.

1. MyGov of 28th April, 2020 Adverts

In MyGov of 28th April, 2020 (attached) find the following adverts:

  1. Ministry of Environment and Forestry
  2. Ministry of Water and Sanitation and Irrigation
  3. KEFRI (Conference)
  4. National Research Fund (NRF)

MyGov issue 42 -- April 28----Final Copy-pages-6,11,15-16.pdf (774.72 KB)

2. ASET Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund (RSIF) PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships available to support 3-4-year doctoral training in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology Call for applications is now open. Deadline for submission: 15th June 2020 at 5:00 pm (East Africa time; UTC+3)

Download (pdf 223.35 KB)

Apply now!
Prof. Phillip O. Raburu
(Planning Research and Extension)