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The core mandate of University of Eldoret Library is to promote education and help students, teachers and researchers in their learning activities and solve their queries by providing necessary information or documents to the right user at the right time. An academic Library is an integral part of the formal education system from primary level to the university level in enriching the education system in providing new knowledge, ideas and thoughts. It is regarded as the pillar of education in institutions of higher learning in Kenya,  that act as a problem-solving machine and a most important part of communication of knowledge.
Therefore, the University of Eldoret Library main function is to support the institution to achieve its main goal of being a premier University that nurtures global leaders and innovators. This is realized in helping users to build up their strong knowledgebase by providing up-to-date and authentic information resources on various fields of knowledge.

In mitigating the current trend of climate change, the Library is also at the forefront in providing our researchers access to knowledge that help them to develop critical thinking skills. In addition, they are made able to evaluate and make sense of the current trends in global climate change. Apart from climate smart resources users are made able to access and evaluate other information resources such as the historical development of humanity and the understanding of the earth’s climate and the actions the society should take. Through these, the library users are inspired to develop curiosity, open inquiry and authentic sense making. Thus helping them to combat disinformation, misinformation and science denialism and provide access to positive engagement with climate emergency and acknowledge the risks to humanity and support research that realise solutions.

University of Eldoret Library further supports Open Science as most of our Journals are in Open Access. This platform enables more and rapid access to our scholarly communication and knowledge exchange through our network of innovators and scientists thus contributing to climate change solutions and adaptability. Other support services in the library include;

Information Literacy Service: The method helps users acquire knowledge from different sources of information beyond their classrooms, beyond their textbooks and their lectures and for academic staff to develop teaching activities.

Collections development: This involves procuring all the informative materials collected from different sources of information and systematically organising them to facilitate the users according to their needs.

Selective Dissemination of Information: This entails supporting and actively participating in all kinds of research activities of researchers by serving them with well-organized information related to their topic that is scattered in different sources of information.

Our information resources exist in various formats print and non-print information resources that exist in the form of e-databases-journals and e-books. We have shifted from the resources organisation process from card catalogue to different library management software, which can reduce duplication of work. Our users can easily get the resources details by a single click using Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC or the e-databases, which you can access remotely from home or other places of your comfort.

Our users do not miss any new and up-to-date information! We are the place to be in leisure & recreation, reading, research and innovation!

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Ms. Lydia Lelon
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