Office of the Finance Officer

Since the inception of the University of Eldoret, guidelines were set in place to ensure that the financial operations and obligations are carried out in line with professional accounting principles, ethics and policies.

The main source of these guidelines are found in the statutory and managerial directives. In order that these guidelines are implemented, the Finance Department, headed by the Finance Officer, has the mandate of ensuring the financial leadership of the University resources. This is done through supporting the management in guiding and implementing decisions as well as the continuous review and improvement of the accounting processes thus supporting the core business of the University.

With the current developments in the financial sector, particularly the movement towards cashless transactions through the use of ICT, the University of Eldoret Finance Department has continued to upgrade its services to the internal and external stakeholders. This includes the online receipting of fees, Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Mobile money (M-PESA). These services were very instrumentation especially during the Post-COVID environment as the Finance Office operations continued seamlessly with the reduced need for paperwork and more activities being handled electronically.

The department is charged with the responsibility of designing and implementing sound and effective systems for the management of University resources. This ensures provision of consistent, reliable and accurate services with the aim of fostering an effective and efficient service culture. To facilitate this there are 7 main sub-departments each lead by a Senior Accountant/Accountant as below;

  1. Financial Accounting Services (FAS),
  2. Management Accounting Services (MAS),
  3. Bank Reconciliation (REC),
  4. Cash Office (CO),
  5. Assets Management Section (AMS),
  6. Payroll Management Services (PMS) and
  7. Students Finance Services (SFS)

The core functions of the departments include;

  1. Coordination of the preparation of annual financial estimates and any provisions thereof.
  2. Guiding in the control of expenditure commitments across all the departments and sections of the University.
  3. Recording of financial transactions for accurate internal and external financial reports.
  4. Maintaining of internal controls necessary for prudent spending of financial resources.
  5. Provision of financial advice to University Management and guidance in financial decision making by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing appropriate financial policies and procedures.
  6. Preparation of accurate and timely financial reports and regular briefs to Management on the financial position and operating results of the University.
  7. Ensuring the compliance with Government financial laws, regulations and directives as well as University policies.
  8. Financial Regulations, policies and procedures concerning financial matters.
  9. Overseeing the receipt and administration of donor funded projects and research funds.
  10. Facilitating the payment of approved staff salaries, benefits and related services.
  11. Facilitating the approved payments to suppliers of goods and services to the University.
  12. Provision of Student Financial Services in relation to tuition fees collections, disbursement of field trips, field attachments and students welfare activities allowances.

As we serve the entire University and external communities through our management practices, we strive to create an enabling working environment that helps us use our skills and talents to ensure customer satisfaction and professional accounting ethics.


CPA Ereu Totona

CPA Ereu Totona
MBM (Moi), BA (Moi), CPA (K)

Ag. Finance Officer
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Office of the Finance Officer
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