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UoE Eldoret Campus has become a beacon of light within the region offering superb service and tailor-made courses.  Our programmes encompass professional and short courses meant to re-tool the client to be more relevant in his/her field of expertise in this ever-changing world. As service delivery continues to be more digital, we at Town Campus have embraced both online and blended modules of learning. This caters for potential students who have challenges in attending physical classes for whatever reasons. One of our online short courses, Certificate in Intelligent Design which received partial funding from Bio Cosmos Kenya Trust Foundation managed to graduate the first cohort of students this September 2023.

With the new CBC education system rolled out, Town Campus is aligning with these changes by developing the necessary content to meet this demand. We desire to have our Town Campus be the obvious choice for students to pursue their studies and they should come to us without any doubt because they will get the quality they so desire.

Through collaborations with Universities including University of Eldoret, KASNEB has proposed the need for universities to establish partnerships, particularly in the context of harmonizing the Bachelor of Commerce Accounting Degree with the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) program. Currently, individuals holding Accounting degrees are granted exemptions only at the CPA Foundation Level. The objective of this alignment is to ensure comprehensive coverage of the content assessed at the CPA Intermediate Level within universities. This will enable graduates holding a Bachelor of Commerce Accounting degree from University of Eldoret to receive exemptions for the entire CPA Intermediate Level, allowing them to enter the CPA examination at the Advanced Level.

This is of great importance for the University, especially the School of Business, Economics and Management Sciences, to conduct a thorough study of the CPA syllabus and to align Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) curriculum accordingly. This adjustment will enhance the marketability of our Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) program, as our graduates will be able to complete the CPA qualification in a shorter timeframe.

Prof. Linnet Gohole

Prof. Linnet Gohole
Director, Eldoret Town Campus
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Director, Eldoret Town Campus
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