Directorate of Resource Mobilization and Strategic Initiatives

Financial resources and human capital are core to the achievement of institutional performance targets. Efficiency is basically, dependent on how physical infrastructure, financial resources, and human capital - are deployed within an organization. However, the rapid expansion of university education in Kenya exerts immense pressure on government funding. The realities in the past two decades, point to manifestly overstretched faculty, inadequate teaching facilities, and diminished research portfolio hence a felt need to diversify income sources to the University.

The Directorate of Resource Mobilization & Strategic Initiatives coordinates university efforts in fundraising and responds to emerging opportunities and/or strategic engagements. The overarching objective of the Directorate is to spearhead and coordinate resource mobilization efforts, and identify potential sources of new money or joint ventures, of immediate or long-term benefit to the University. The function is central to the core functions of the university - teaching, research, and community service and harnessing local and international partnerships and /or collaborations. Resource mobilization is a University-wide effort, utilizing institutional niche areas to leverage funding. Key mandates revolve around but not limited to:

  • Creating a conducive environment for learning and overall student satisfaction and hence attain higher rates of enrollment
  • Improving internal savings, efficient deployment of staff, and harnessing income-generating assets
  • Seeking bilateral linkages through Government, and forging strategic collaborations and/or partnerships including Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs).
  • Establishing the University of Eldoret Endowment Fund, as an enduring and innovative model of funding and higher education investment
  • Developing targeted transdisciplinary proposals to attract funding for research and infrastructure, and bidding for consultancy, tapping the rich institutional expertise and networks.

The Directorate's overarching goal is to enhance and contribute to the strategic and quality objectives of the University.

Structure of Directorate

  1. Director
  2. Research Officer
  3. 2 front office attendants
  4. The board and Three Committees are as below:
    1. Resource Mobilization Board: The Board, chaired by Prof. Mohamed Ferej provides oversight to the Direct and functions as a Think-Tank for resource mobilization.
    2. Endowment Fund Committee: Responsible for the conception, planning, and implementation of activities leading to the establishment of the Endowment Fund. The work of this Committee will end once the Fund is fully established and office operational under the overall governance of Trustees.
    3. UOE/KFS MOU Implementation Committee: Responsible for implementation of signed MOU between the University of Eldoret and Kenya Forest Service. Activities are implemented jointly between the two institutions.
    4. UOE/NLC MOU Implementation Committee: Responsible for implementing the MOU between the University of Eldoret and the National Land Commission. Activities are implemented jointly between the two institutions on a priority basis.

 Achievements and Current Engagements

Among the Directorate's key achievements include:

  • University Mobilization University Strategy, a framework to guide efforts and optimize resource use efficiencies
  • Leveraging the National Treasury for improved resource allocation to the University
  • Establishing the Directorate and successfully implementing quality standards and advancement function
  • Leading institutional multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to joint proposals or collaborations such as MOU with the University of Missouri in the US, Kenya Forest Service, Shinshu University in Japan, World Bank-funded Regional Anchor University Project
  • Operationalizing Nairobi City University of Eldoret Liaison Office and strategy for sustainability
  • Conception, processes, and activities leading to the establishment of the University Endowment Fund – including University-wide sensitization of staff, students, and alumni to solicit support and ownership

 The Directorate has FOUR projects

  1. Proposal to African Development Fund (AfDB): The purpose is to secure funding for infrastructure – an integrated lab system in life sciences, and to develop a regional center of excellence for innovation and agri-enterprise development. The project proposal is in the final stages.
  2. Implementation of MOU with Kenya Forest Service: seeking to develop a Model Tree Nursery with the capacity to produce 4 million seedlings for restoration of degraded forests and critical water catchments within the larger Cherangany ecosystem, to increase forest cover and boost national food security; and harness competencies and expertise in forest management, research, and consultancy 
  3. Operationalizing Endowment Fund: The Trust deed was registered in June and a virtual inaugural Meeting of Trustees was held on August 20th, graced by the University Chancellor and attended by Council Members and University Management, at our Town Campus 
  4. Joint Projects with National Land Commission: The Joint implementation committees are working on three research topics:
    • The sustainable Harnessing of Blue Economy for rural livelihoods: a case of communities within the coastal region (Lamu, Kilifi, Mombasa, Kwale) and Kisumu County
    • Elaborating concepts in optimal use and protection of fragile ecosystems and wetlands
    • Elaborating concepts in the role of communities in natural resource management – with a focus on forests.
Prof. Julius Onyango Ochuodho

Prof. Julius Onyango Ochuodho
Director, Resource Mobilization and Strategic Initiatives
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Director, Resource Mobilization and Strategic Initiatives
University of Eldoret,
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