School of Education

School of Education Profile

The School of Education has been in the existence in this University since 2010. It was established to provide the quality Teacher Education programme with focus on preparation and production of innovative and competitive school teachers. This is based on the quality objectives of the School which are to prepare prospective teachers; conduct research, out-research education and extension services, consultancies and establish educational linkages and partnership with stake-holders in Teacher education programmes. These objectives are the drivers and guidelines of the operations of the School.

The School of Education has eight established departments namely: the Centre for Teacher Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Management, Educational Psychology, Foundations of Education, Science Education, Social Sciences and Technology Education. These departments offer eight degree programmes which are Bachelor of Education (Agricultural Education), Bachelor of Education (Arts), Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Development and Primary Education), Bachelor of Education (Home Science and Technology), Bachelor of Education (Science education), Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education) and Bachelor of Education (Technology education). The flagship courses of the School of Education are Ethics of Teaching and Ethics of Teaching Profession.

Currently the School has a teaching staff force of fifty six and support staff of twenty four. This staff level is made up of males and females.

The present population of the students in the School of Education, excluding those from collaborating colleges, is eight thousand two hundred and twenty six categorized as Government sponsored (GSSP), Self-sponsored (PSSP), Regular and School-Based students, Diploma and Post-Graduate studies students. These students are based at the Main and University’s Eldoret Town Campus.

The School of Education has a new ultra-modern School of Education Complex structure that it moved early this (2016) year. This building has both office and teaching spaces which has greatly eased the pressure on the then existing provisions. Besides occupancy of the structure by the School, the university has installed network services and security appliances to safeguard the structure and users.

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