Funding Opportunities

  • Press release: RUFORUM and World Bank jointly launch “Call for Proposals” for Strengthening Higher Agricultural Education for Agri-Food Systems Transformation in six African countries

    The deadline for submission of proposals to the RFU by the respective governments is November 30, 2018 (at midnight Greenwich Mean Time - GMT).

    Kampala, 31 August 2018. In collaboration with the governments of Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique, and, The World Bank Group (WBG) and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) are pleased to launch the call for proposals for the regional programme for Strengthening Higher Agricultural Education for Agri-Food Systems Transformation in Africa (SHAEA). The purpose of this Call is to invite universities from the above-mentioned six African countries, who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in becoming a Regional Anchor University (RAU), to submit applications in partnership with tertiary education institutions, including post-secondary agricultural vocational institutions and key agricultural sector actors, both public and private.

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    Download: SHAEA Official Call for Proposals English.pdf (439.68 KB)

  • Postdoctoral research position at APHYS, ENAC-EPFL on microstructure and turbulent fluxes in lakes

    Starting date: immediately, on the basis of competitive application (position is open until filled; first interviews will be after mid-July 2018).

    The Aquatic Physics Laboratory at the Institute of Environmental Engineering of EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland) in collaboration with the Limnology Center has an opening of an early-career postdoc position on microstructure and turbulence in the context of primary production in stratified lakes.

    Download: APHYS_Micro_structure_Postdoc_2018_final.pdf (80.76 KB)

  • Cultural Survival; Keepers of the Earth Fund

    Deadline: 31st August 2018

    Description: Of particular interest to CS are projects focused on the following topics and their intersections: Free, Prior, Informed Consent, self-governance, the rights of Indigenous women, economic sovereignty, land rights, environmental and biodiversity protection, Indigenous language and knowledge retention, movement-building, equitable distribution of resources, and Indigenous participation in international, national, regional and local spaces. Grant amounts will range between $500 and $5,000 USD. Topup to $10,000 possible

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  • British Ecological Society

    Deadline: 10th September 2018

    Description: The grant is designed support applicants from LMIC to develop their skills, experience and knowledge base as well as making connections with ecologists in the developed world. £8000, additional £2000 possible

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  • The Royal Society GCRF Challenge-led Grants

    Deadline: 11 September 2018 3.00pm UK time

    Description: As part of the GCRF, the UK National Academies have launched interdisciplinary Challenge-led Grants with a focus on resilience. This &8 million call invites proposals from researchers across all academic disciplines. These interdisciplinary consortia will generate new approaches to significant and complex resilience problems facing developing countries and will consist of one UK research group and two developing country research groups. The awards will provide up to £500,000 and 2.5 years of support to these research consortia.

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  • BBSRC GCRF Call - Food & nutrition research for health in the developing world: bioavailability & nutrient content

    Deadline: 4pm on September 11, 2018

    Description: BBSRC is pleased to announce a total of £6.9 million to support a number of interdisciplinary, collaborative research proposals to address the challenges spanning the agriculture-nutrition-health interfaces relating to food and nutrition research for health in the developing world. The purpose of this call is to advance interdisciplinary research across the agriculture - food - nutrition - health pathway to sustainably deliver more nutritious foods to improve physical and cognitive health across the lifecourse in developing countries. It aims to enhance the nutritional content and bioavailability of nutrients in a diverse range of culturally appropriate foods; and determine the impact on human health outcomes.

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  • STFC GCRF Call

    Deadline: 4pm on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

    Description: Up to £3m over two years will be available in this call for projects which seek to maximise the practical impact of STFC-funded research and innovation to improve the lives and opportunities of the global poor:

    • address challenges faced by countries on the DAC list through disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects; and
    • strengthen capability for research and innovation in support of economic development and welfare, within both UK and countries on the DAC list.

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  • Joint Global Health Trials scheme – call 8

    Deadline: September 14th, 2018

    Description: The purpose of this scheme is to provide funding for the best proposals to generate new knowledge about interventions that will contribute to the improvement of health in low and middle income countries. The scheme will give priority to proposals that are likely to produce implementable results and that are designed to address the major causes of mortality or morbidity in low and middle income countries. For call 8, the joint funders would like to stress that applications must engage with the potential of research for future implementation and impact for policy. Stakeholders, such as policy makers, should be engaged throughout the research process in order to ensure trial results are implementable, scalable and in line with policy needs.

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  • The Hydro Nation Scholars Programme

    Deadline: 14 September 2018

    Description: The Hydro Nation Scholars Programme is an open competition for project topics and then for PhD Scholars to undertake approved projects, hosted within Scottish Universities and Research Institutes. Full funding is available from the Scottish Government (to host institutions via the Scottish Funding Council) for up to 7 PhD scholarships. Two of these may be awarded to “overseas” Scholars. Home and overseas Scholars are defined according to a Scholar’s status for University admissions. The funding available will be in line with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) doctoral stipend levels and indicative fees. Topics of interest for 2019 are:

    • Innovative Monitoring and Financial Approaches for the Improved Maintenance of Water Infrastructure Assets
    • Opportunities for Creating Value in the Water Sector Through a Circular Economy
    • Water Management in the Food and Drink Industry
    • Innovation in Water and Health
    • Assessing Frameworks and Approaches for Advocacy and Influencing by Local Individuals or Groups for Better Access to Clean Water and Sanitation in a Developing World Context

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  • BBSRC Agri-systems research to enhance livelihoods in developing countries

    Deadline: September 19th, 2018

    Description: The aim of this call is to enhance livelihoods through interdisciplinary research to improve agricultural systems by understanding, at multiple scales, interactions between the biology of crops and farmed animals, their environments and management. The call will support studies of interactions between the diverse elements of agricultural systems (soil, water, nutrients, beneficial biodiversity, pests, crops, farmed animals), their effects at different scales, and the implications of interventions for productivity, resilience and sustainability (including potential trade-offs between them). This includes the potential for integrated land management, beyond the individual field or farm, to optimise production and other ecosystem services at a wider landscape scale.

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  • NERC GCRF Innovation Projects

    Deadline: September 26th, 2018

    Description: Funds will be used to support projects which focus upon generating user applicable outputs from past and/or current research council funded research and which translates them into outcomes that achieve impact within the NERC remit. Whilst projects can be purely UK-focused, NERC also welcomes projects that are aimed at improving economic growth and welfare in developing countries.

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  • AHRC-ESRC-FCO Knowledge Exchange Fellowships 2019

    Deadline: October 31, 2018

    Description: The scheme provides the opportunity for arts and humanities and social science researchers to be seconded into the FCO (London office) to work alongside, advise and influence policymakers. It aims to support Fellows who will bring fresh thinking, depth and breadth of expert knowledge and apply their learning to policy challenges. This is not a scheme to support research projects about the FCO or its work, but rather to build new capacity in the FCO and across the UK research base.

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  • AHRC Nahrein Network Research Grant Awards

    Deadline: November 15th, 2018

    Description: These awards support interdisciplinary research on themes relating to one or more of the Nahrein Network’s five aims: to better understand the current situation, to raise the profile of local expertise, to improve jo prospects of the region’s youth, to help heritage organisations better serve local needs, to help post-conflict healing and reconciliation. There are two types of funding:

    • Small grants of up to £30,000 (FEC) for projects led by Iraqi researchers, or collaborations between Iraqi and UK researchers.
    • Large grants of up to £100,000 (FEC) for collaborations between Iraqi and UK researchers.

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  • MRC- DFID Third call for research to improve adolescent health in LMIC settings

    Deadline: September 18th, 2018

    Description: The MRC, in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research, the Department for International Development, and the Economic and Social Research Council , have announced a third call to fund research grants to improve adolescent health in low and middle income countries (LMICs). Research grants are focused projects usually up to three years’ duration with a maximum of five years’ duration. There are no set budget limits; small and larger-scale projects are invited.

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  • The Humanities and Social Sciences Tackling the UK’s International Challenges

    Deadline: October 3rd 2018

    Description: British Academy is inviting proposals from UK-based researchers in the humanities and social sciences to develop interdisciplinary projects which bear on our understanding of the UK’s international challenges and opportunities (past, present and future). Proposals will relate to the themes of Conflict, Stability & Security; Europe’s Futures; Justice, Rights & Equality; and Urban Futures.

    Awards are of 18 months in duration and are available for up to £50,000.

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