University Student Appointed as a Planetary Health Ambassador

Melvine Environmental Student.jpg

Ms. Melvin Anyango Otieno from the Department of Environmental Biology and Health –SENV has been appointed as a Planetary Health Student Ambassador for the Planetary Health Alliance. Ms. Melvin is a post graduate student of Environmental Biology and Health at the School of Environmental Studies in the University of Eldoret

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of Universities, NGO's and other partners working to support the growth of Planetary Health which is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on characterizing the human health impacts which cause disruptions to the earth's natural system.

Ms. Melvin Anyango Otieno was one of the six people who were chosen worldwide, and she is the only one from Africa. Within her capacity as a Planetary Health Student, she will be required to mobilize student's community to raise their awareness on planetary health and implement activities that address the objectives of the Planetary Health Alliance.

Within the University, Ms. Melvin is a member of the University of Eldoret Planetary Health Society whose main objective is to educate the student community about planetary health, so that students can work to implement policies and solutions that protect human health and the health of our planet.

The Society's vision is to foster a culture that promotes, protects and improves our environment in compliance with safeguarding human health. Its focus is to collaborate with the relevant scientific field, policymakers, the local community, and other interested parties; support and implement variation of activities; and to create awareness, in order to optimize well-being of humanity as well as the environment.

Some of the core activities and policies of the society include;

  • Collection of series of photos concerning anthropogenic activities that threaten the environment & human health.
  • Blogging about planetary health.
  • Policymaking in; sustainable utilization of energy, dust reduction, emission & discharge, and laboratory waste, waste management, food quality, habitat, and biodiversity.
  • Influence student community on the intellectual understanding of the environment and create a lasting change in their opinion on planetary health.
  • Newsletters writing.
  • Debating on various themes such as reproductive health on men and women, sports activities for health, pollution, population growth & poverty, food security, Lifestyle diseases & HIV/AIDS and environmental stress.