University Statues, Policies, Rules and Regulations

University Statutes

University of Eldoret Statutes (pdf 1.02 MB)

University Service Charter

University Service Charter (pdf 6.0 MB)

University Student Leadership Structure

UESO Constitution revised (pdf 4MB)

Change of the Student Leadership Structure and Election Process (pdf 99.91 KB)

University Students Policies, Rules and Regulation

Credit accumulation and transfer system policy (pdf 1.07 MB)

Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct and Discipline of Students 2.0 (pdf 10.87 MB)

Common Rules and Regulations for University Examinations 2.0.pdf (18.21 MB)

Students academic field trip policy.pdf (3.12 MB)

Students accomodation policy.pdf (3.19 MB)

Students bursaries and award policy.pdf (3.01 MB)

Students work study policy.pdf (2.52 MB)

Students work study policy with approval.pdf (2.76 MB)

Students' Fees Policy.pdf (1.8 MB)

Policy on Guidelines Rules and Regulations Governing Admission and Examination of Certificate and Diploma Programmes.pdf (458.05 KB)

FC Sexual Harrassment Policy.pdf (1.94 MB)

FC HIV & AIDS Policy.pdf (1.88 MB)

Communication policy

Communication Policy.pdf (5.45 MB)

Staff Training and Development

FC Staff Training and Development Policy.pdf (1.87 MB)

Academic Staff Appointment & Promotion Policy for teaching staff

Academic Staff Appointment & Promotion Policy.pdf (1.87 MB)

Human Resource

Human Resource Policies and Procedures Manual.pdf (1.44 MB)

Income Generating Units policy

IGU policy and Procedures Manual.pdf (973.2 KB)

University of Eldoret Organization Structure

University of Eldoret Organization Structure (pdf 76.6 KB)