School of Environmental Studies


Prof. Sudoi

Prof. Gelas Simiyu
Ph.D. (Moi), M.Sc. (Moi), B.Ed. (Nairobi)

Dean, School of Environmental Studies

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The School of Environmental Studies is part of the national policy towards preparation for management of natural resources and the environment for sustainable development in Kenya. The school focuses on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes leading to Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

To develop human resources as per the national needs for sustainable development and also building research capacity based on national policies. The school provides consultancy services in different counties to ensure accountability and continuity. Similarly we provide extension services through outreach programme to ensure that the best information reaches the intended user who can be an individual, an agency or governmental organization. The independent high powered experts aim to protect the environment while ensuring adherence to sustainable development. The school also collaborates with other institutions in the region like LVEMP, KVDA, and North Rift Counties through Regional Centre for Expertise (RCE) in environmental education. There is established collaboration with NEMA and Galilee Institute of Management in Israel on training of environmental experts. The school collaborates with other institutions that include Lake Victoria Water Services Board, Eldoret Water and Sanitation Services (ELDOWAS), GDC, and Africa Diatomite Industries among others. The school also provides services such as spatial plans through its professionals in environmental planning; we facilitate urban planning, urban design and application of GIS and Remote Sensing in environmental management. We also provide professional advice on waste management in different organizations and municipalities/counties.

Department of applied Environmental & Social Sciences

Department of Environmental Earth Sciences

Department of Environmental Biology and Health

Department of Environmental Monitoring, Planning and Management


  1. Bachelor of Environmental Studies - BES Arts (Environmental Social Sciences, Environmental Planning and Management)
  2. Bachelor of Environmental Studies - BES Science (Environmental Biology and Health, Environmental Hydrology and Environmental Geology)
  3. Department of Environmental Biology and Health: - MPhil & DPhil in Environmental Biological Sciences; Environmental Health.
  4. Department of Applied Environmental Social Sciences: - MPhil & D Phil in Environmental Human Ecology; Environmental Law; Environmental Economics.
  5. Department of Applied Environmental Social Sciences: - MPhil & D Phil in Environmental Human Ecology; Environmental Law; Environmental Economics.
  6. Department of Environmental Earth Sciences: - MPhil & DPhil in Environmental Physical Sciences.
  7. Department of Environmental Monitoring Planning and Management: - MPhil & DPhil in Environmental Planning and Management; Environmental Information Systems
  8. Field Course – Field research methods (SES 802) and Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Audit EIA/EA (SES 805) which includes field excursions as well.
  9. Coast Environmental Research Station (CERS) at Malindi (attached to the department of Environmental Earth Sciences) and Homa Hills Environmental Research Station (attached to the department of Environmental Biology and Health).
  10. SES Documentation Centre - a specialized information resource Centre for environmental information established in 1991.
  11. GIS laboratory to support GIS and remote sensing courses.


  1. Training of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment/Environmental Audit Experts which is one of University of Eldoret flagship project
  2. Production of an online Africa Environmental Review Journal (AER Journal) accessible at
  3. Three students from the school participated in Consumer Goods Forum in Capetown, South African.