Public Lecture On The Weakness Of The Theory Of Evolution And Question of Intelligent Design By Prof. Kjell Tveter

The University held a Public Lecture on the weakness of the Theory of Evolution and the Question of Intelligent Design by Prof. Kjell Tveter at the University of Eldoret on 15th November 2019. The public lecture which was aimed at contributing to the University's performance contracting saw the speaker of the day outlining key insights on the importance of science, how creation is an intelligence design of science and how the universe is an evidence of the intelligence design.

In the Vice-Chancellor keynote address which was read by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration and Finance Prof. Wilson Ng’etich, acknowledged the value of religious beliefs and cultural practices in developing scientific outputs. He highlighted the value of Evolution and Intelligent Design on the origin of life, and noted that more studies need to be enhanced on the divergent and reconcilable aspects of this two entities in order to bring forth a formidable understanding of how Science and religion interlink.

Prof. Kjell Tveter in his address implored that the earth was created for life, as it is the only place known in the universe where life exists. His ideologies were based on the intelligent design theory, which argues for the existence of a supernatural being that oversees life and evolution theory that bases life on heritable characteristics over a successive generation. He argued that despite there being a lack of acceptance of a supernatural being in Science and Scientific fields, intelligent design brings forth an understanding which co-joins the ideals of science and the reality of the Universe as we see within our immediate environments.

Those in attendance during the public lecture where the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration and Finance Prof. Wilson Ng'etich who represented the Vice-Chancellor, members of the University Management Board, University Staff, Students and members of CSAK among others.

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