Monitoring and Evaluation of University Projects

The Ministry of Education carried out the 3rd Quarter Monitoring and Evaluation of University projects on January 30th, 2019. The major aim of the exercise was to verify, validate and update the information on all projects that have been implemented in the Medium-Term Expenditure between the period of 2016/17-2018/19 and those which have been earmarked for implementation in the next MTEF period.

The exercise was conducted and guided by the University Council Members and University Management Board members led by the Chairman of Council Dr. David Ojakaa and University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Teresa Akenga.

The areas which were covered in the Tour included:

Completed Projects
  1. Outreach Centre and International Students Office – This Centre acts as a training resource and information Centre for farmers within the community. The project is 100% complete.
  2. Perimeter wall Phase II (Opande Road) - Complete
  3. Fish hatchery – Completed
  4. Perimeter Wall Phase I and Main Gate –Completed, awaiting handing over of the Flame.
  5. Perimeter Wall Phase III – Completed, however gate has to be redone to specifications.
  6. Engineering Workshops (Equipment) -Completed

On-Going Projects
  1. Milk Cooling Plant Building – On-going
  2. UoE School Laboratory – On-going
  3. School of Economics & Business Sciences – On-going

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