Key Semester Dates

To: All Students

This is to inform all 1st years (2020 intake) to report physically at the university for face-to-face lectures from 18th - 19th January, 2021. They will be taken through a one day orientation on 20th January, 2021.

All 4th year (2017 intake), Engineering, Postgraduates and Town Campus students to report for face-to-face (semester 1) lectures on 25th January January, 2021. Lectures to begin from 25th January to 9th April 2021 (for 11 weeks). The two weeks lost will be recovered by make-up classes for the group. Semester exams to be done from 12th April, 2021.

All 2nd Years (2019 intake) and 3rd years (2018 intake) students to report for blended learning on 22nd January, 2021.

Please take note of this.

Thank you.

Prof. Paul Tarus

University Reopening Brief

The unprecedented challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have led to major disruption for the higher education sector worldwide. University of Eldoret has not been spared and as a result, we have set out to capture the student voice in the ‘new normal’.

In adherence to the Ministry of Education guidelines on the phased reopening, the University reopened on 12th October, 2020 for all the fourth year students (Main and Town Campus), all postgraduate students (Main and Town Campus), all engineering students and all Diploma final year students (Town Campus). In order to find out how these students’ are coping in the new operating environment, the University through the office of Corporate Affairs and Marketing carried out a survey among the students’ population to find out and analyse how they find life at the University in the new normal...

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