2nd Inaugural lecture by Prof. Patrict Kafu

Prof. Patrick Acleus Kafu delivered the 2nd Inaugural lecture at University of Eldoret.
The title of the lecture was “The Unfulfilled Mission of Teacher Education programme in Modern Africa. The Kenyan Development Agenda Experience”.

Prof. Kafu is a Professor of Education and he holds a Doctorate Degree from Kenyatta University, Master of Education from Nairobi University and Bachelor of Education from Makerere University in Uganda.

He is a career teacher-educator/trainer with close to 40 years’ experience. He has trained school teachers at primary and Post-Primary Teacher preparation levels in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. He is a well publishes scholar in education and specifically Teacher Education. He has published three books and over eighty articles in refereed journals. He has designed and developed Teacher education-specific programmes and courses at University level for Under-graduate and Post-graduate studies. He was instrumental in transforming Teacher Education from teacher ‘training” programme to the present Teacher Preparation programme.

Basis of the Inaugural lecture

The roots of the lecture are in God’s work that created man and gave him/her power over other creatures. The inspiration came from the work of the Great Teacher and Great Education of his time, Prof. Eric Lucas of Makerere University College. Prof. Lucas constantly reminded them as students of educations that “teacher education is the society as the society is Teacher education”. Prof. Lucas passision for this programme is what inspired Prof. Kafu to be the Teacher Educator that he is today.

Purpose of the lecture
  • Sharing his experiences in Teacher Education as a programme of education and facilitator of development in the society.
  • Giving identification to his programme of education.
  • Provoking scholarly work (research, discussions) in this critical programme of education for the development agenda of modern Africa.
  • Facilitating the development and establishment of collaborations, co-operations and partnerships in teacher education programme with the rest of the world.


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