The 2018 Vice-Chancellors’ Cup

The 2018 Vice-Chancellors’ Cup was hosted for the first time through the Dean of Students office. The sporting activity this year dwelt on the game of soccer.

Each level of study (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th/5th years) were to present at least 3 (three) teams each to have 12 (twelve) teams in the competition. The 1st year had 2 teams, 2nd years and 4th/5th years had 3 teams and the 3rd years had 4 teams.

Team play-off matches were held between February 12th & 16th, 2018. The teams that made to semi-finals are; Spears (Pool A), Jurasic (Pool B), Veterans (Pool C) and Milestrow (Pool D).

Spears and Milestrow FC played for 3rd and 4th position where Spears emerged winners with a score of 2:0.

Jurasic and Veterans met for the finals and Veterans won 6:5 through penalties.

The winning teams from position 1-4 were awarded prizes;

  • Winners: Trophy + Ksh 10,000/= cash money
  • 2nd Runners-up: Trophy + Ksh5,000/= cash money
  • 3rd Runner’s-up: Trophy + Ksh3,000/= cash money
  • 4th Runner’s-up: Trophy + Ksh2,500/= cash money

The days’ activities ended with fun games; the tug-of-war, ‘saving-the-tomato’ and ‘lion feeding game’ to tone down the pitch fever and entertain the spectators. To compete in these fun games was a team composed of Students’ Council members and Electoral College Reps on one side and students participating in the President’s Award programme on the other.

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