Supplimentary/Special Examination

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the supplementary/special examinations that were scheduled to take place from 28th August to 8th September, 2017 have bee postponed and will commence as from 11th to 22nd September, 2017.

The affected students are requested to take nte and prepare accordingly.

Download Memo: supplementary&special-exams.pdf (339.05 KB)

Requirements to sit for Special/Supplementary Exams

Any student intending to sit for Special/Supplementary must have the relevant documents as follow:

  • Fees statement with zero balance duly stamped by the student finance office,
  • Application form indicating the course to be done as special duly signed,
  • Student ID, National ID.

For supps come with:

  • Receipt as proof of payment for supp exam.

NB: Its offense to sit for exam if you do not meet the requirements. Download this memo below.


Requirements to sit for special and supp exams.pdf (324.35 KB)

Prof. Paul K. Tarus
Registrar - Academic