Security Tips

Security is a multi agency matter and the primary agent being oneself. Always be on look out and cautious at any suspicious characters within and out the campus.

  1. Watch each and every step you make.
  2. Watch your brother’s /sister’s back.
  3. Do not be lured to things you don’t know.
  4. Do not give a lot of your attention to strangers, they will capitalize on your weaknesses.
  5. When attacked quickly access your attacker’s strength and weakness. if weaknesses supersede strength confront your attacker, in an event of the opposite just submit you will have saved a life and injuries.
  6. Raise alarm if you can by shouting or make phone calls when in a fix.
  7. Always have this security emergence number (0202374865) at your finger tips.
  8. Avoid taking unknown visitors to your residential places in the name of socializing.
  9. Be at the right place at the right time.
  10. Report anything suspicious to the relevant person for quick intervention.
  11. You are the primary agent of security take charge.
  12. NEVER walk alone at night after lectures or private studies when heading back to your residential areas, ALWAYS be in a group of three people or more.
  13. Routine is an enemy of security; never say I normally do ABDC because someone will capitalize on your normalcy maybe to hurt you or your friend. Let’s be dynamic in our routine activities i.e. Change routes and time when heading to and fro campus.
  14. While walking alone at night, NEVER use your cell phone i.e. charting, playing games .Use Bluetooth gadgets or earphones to receive calls at while walking alone. Bright lights from your cell phone might attract someone very far to start trailing you and mug/rob you off your valuables.
  15. NEVER carry with most of your valuables I.e. Expensive books, laptops, jewelries, tablets etc at a go in one bag.
  16. When caught unaware alone at night walking it’s advisable you throw your purse/bag on one direction and run the opposite direction. A thug will always go for the bag and let you go thus you would have save a life.
  17. NEVER struggle with more than two people when alone, this will reduce injuries.
  18. At all times memorize at least one phone number of a security officer to contact incase of any emergency.
  19. NEVER undermine minute things that can culminate to a criminal offence, remember it’s the smallest roots that hold a big tree stand tall.
  20. Let’s ALL of us keep a vigil.

Principal Security Officer