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Integrity, Innovativeness, Customer satisfaction, Competitiveness, Equity & Responsiveness

UoE Public Lecture
Series, U6 pre-conference
visit & annual VCs' meeting
Every Semester, the University organizes free public lectures on a wide variety of topics and aimed at a general audience. During Months of February and March 2015 two public lectures were held...
Prof. Wilson Ng'etich of the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology and his co-researchers Dr. Syphylline Kebenei and Mr. Boniface Alkamoi have won a prestigious Research...
Staff Training and
Development Policy
The University has developed a Training and Development policy so as to ensure that its staff benefit from relevant training as well as contributing...

UoE QA (ISO) Documents

Staff can now Download Quality Assurance ISO Documents from UoE Website. DQA is in the last phase of training all staff.

The University has now embarked on the process of developing its policies which will guide decisions of the different organs of the University in order to achieve rational outcomes geared towards the growth of the University...
You are a living proof good things come to those who are willing to work hard and sacrifice to reach a worthwhile goal. We are all proud of you...