Recent Scientific Visits


We encourage scientists that wish to work with us to visit and give talks/ give or get training at the CMSG.

In recent years we have had several visits, some of these include:

Mark Casida, (Université Joseph Fourie), Group Photo from Mark Casida's Visit

Mark Casida, (Université Joseph Fourie), lab photo
2013 visit

Date: 24-02-2014 - 28-02-2014
Kenta Hongo (JAIST, Japan),Group photo

Kenta Hongo (JAIST, Japan), QMC training, use of HPC facilities from collaborators at JAIST

Dr. George Manyali -university of the Witwatersrand (SA). From the left (Dr. Makau, Dr. Korir, Dr. Manyali, Prof. Amolo)