Some of Our Initiatives

Scientific Mentorship

We encourage young students that show academic excellence to pursue greater heights in their academic achievements, and to this end we created a mentorship program that has trained and developed a passion for scientific excellence in young scientists.

How it works

The program is open to students with a good academic record and are self driven, studying in a science based course, the applications are open once a year and the forms are available for download from this page (see below). Please read the advert for more information.

2014 Application Form:

2014 Application Form Download

2014 Advert                  Download

Current Mentorship Students

John Slater


System Admin and Sofware Developer

Bsc. Student, Microbiology

Valid Mwatati

Mechanical and Electronic properties of Zinc-blende SiC and wurtzite SiC

Bsc. Student, Analytical Chemistry

Benson Kamau

Research: Electronic Structure Calculation of Bismuth Oxide

Bsc. Student, Physics

Justine Omeri

ab initio of Orthrombic & monoclinic phases of Ti3O4N and Ti3O5

BscED. Physics/Maths



Peres Ngeywo

Morphological diversity of pathogenic fungi infecting important crops in Bungoma county

Bsc. Student, Agriculture

Masika John

Research on: Electronic and optical properties for rutile tetragonal SnO2

Msc. Student, Physics













Current Mentorship students, from left (Valid, Justine, Peris, Benson and Slater)

Current Mentorship students, with the Professor George Amolo

Previous Mentorship Students

  1. Emily Aradi
  2. Cecil Ouma Naphtali Moro
  3. Edmund Ochieng
  4. Sylvia Mueni
  5. Michael Atambo
  6. Elkana Tawitch
  7. Eric Buko
  8. Samson Ngallah
  9. Sharon
  10. Alex