Call For Participataion In A Field Course

School of Agriculture and Biotechnology

Call For Participataion In A Field Course
'Integrated Project Agro- and Ecosystems Engineering':


A Master of Science (MSc) field course 'Integrated Project Agro- and Ecosystems Engineering' funded by VLIR under the Project ‘Research-based education for sustainable rural development’ to be carried out in collaboration with three Universities-University of Eldoret (UOE), The Eidgenössische Technologische Universität (ETH), Switzerland and KU Leuven, Belgium (KUL) is planned for implementation between the 11th and 24th of November 2018 at the University of Eldoret. This is an integral part of MSc programs in all the three institutions and at UOE, it will be evaluated under the Course ‘Seminars’ for the masters students. The course involves a thorough preparation phase by students in their home universities and a two week field course (1 week in the field and 1 week for report writing and presentation). During the course, students will work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams; analyse various aspects (cropping systems, biodiversity and ecosystems services, soils, climate, socio-economic conditions) of the farming systems and identify key constraints for sustainable rural development; present their results in a report as well as oral presentation. A multidisciplinary team of resource persons from the three universities will demonstrate field methods; provide advice and guidance; and evaluate the work.

This is a call for interested students to participate in the field course. Applications are accepted from ongoing MSc students in the Schools of Agriculture and Biotechnology (SAGR), Natural Resource Management and Science who meet the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Must be registered and undergoing an MSc Programme in the following Departments:
    • Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development-SAGR;
    • Department of Animal Science- SAGR;
    • Department of Biotechnology- SAGR;
    • Department of Family and Consumer Sciences-SAGR;
    • Department of Seed, Crops and Horticultural Sciences-SAGR;
    • Department of Soil Science- SAGR;
    • Department of Forestry and Wood Science-SNAT;
    • Department of Biological Sciences-SSCI
  2. A duly filled and signed application form (See attached format)
  3. Must not have participated in the previous edition of this course

Deadline for Submission of application

The application has to be sent before the 10th of August 2018 at 1200 hrs (midday, Kenyan time) to Dr. Ruth Njoroge: within the subject line:


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.


Call for participation in the Field Course Application Form.docx (78.44 KB)